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1.happy birthday to you, mary!玛莉,祝你生日快乐!

2.may you live to be hundred years old.祝你长命百岁(寿比南山)。

3.may all your birthdays be happy and gay.祝你所有的生日都充满欢乐与喜悦。

4. thank you for your kind invitation.谢谢你一番意邀请我来。

5.thanks for inviting me.谢谢你邀请我来。

6.it’s very kind of you to invite me.你邀请我来,真是一番意。

7.ladies and gentlemen, i wish to propose a toast to our mary.各位女士,各位先生,我想我们向玛莉干杯祝贺。

8.happy birthday from all us!我们全体祝你生日快乐!

9.what a joy it is to have wonderful friends like you!有你们这么棒的朋友,真是高兴。

10.i want to express our heartfelt congratulations to you on your seventeenth birthday.你过十七岁生日,我要向你表示我们衷心的祝贺之意。

11.we all hope we will have the pleasure of celebrating many more with you.我们都希望每年都能高兴的和你过生日。

12.we have bought this present for you, and we hope you’ll keep it for many years to come.我们买这礼物送你,希望你能一直都留在身边。

13.all of the people (students) here want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more to come in the future.这里所有的人(学生)都祝你过最快乐的生日,将来也年年如此。

14.it is a real pleasure to be here among such old and true friends who have gathered to help you celebrate your birthday.能够和你的老朋友和忠实的朋友们一起来帮你庆生,真是很高兴。

15.i consider it a great privilege to say a word of hearty congratulation to bob on the happy occasion of his birthday.在鲍伯过生日的这个欢乐时刻,能够说句话向他表示由衷道贺,真是无比的荣幸。

16.thank you all once again for coming.谢谢你们再度光临。

17.words can’t express how grateful i am to you all.言语无法表达我对你们每个人的感激。

18.i am truly honored by the kindness and attention you have shown me today.今天你们对我的厚意与关照,我真的感到很荣幸。

19.please sit down with us now and eat and drink and have a good time.现在请和我们坐下来一起吃,一起喝,的玩。

20.i wish to repeat what i said at the beginning of my speech: “thank you for coming to this party, and in particular, for the assurance you have given me of your warm friendship by your kind gifts and words of congratulation.”我想再说一次刚开始时所说的话:「谢谢你们来参加庆生会,尤其要谢谢你们的礼与贺词所表示的温馨的友谊。」


1.goodbye, and have a good year.再见了,祝你未来一年都很顺利。

2.we are gathered here today to send off one of our upperclassman, mr. smith, who has been appointed to his new post in london. 今天在这里我们在这里相聚,为我们的学长史密斯先生送别,他被派到伦敦担任新职。

3.may you have the best of luck in san francisco.祝你在旧金山会有很的运气。

4.1.i really don’t know whether to be happy or sad here today.今天在这里我真的不知道要高兴,还是要悲伤。

5.a year seems like such a long time to be away, so we will miss you a lot, and we hope you will miss us, too.过了一年,似乎是很久远以前的事,我们会很想念我 你,希望你一样想念我们。

6.we will miss him as a worker amongst us and also as a cheerful friend who could always brighten the day around here.他是我们的同仁,也是让我们在这儿的日子充满欢乐的一位开朗的朋友,我们会怀念他的 。

7.i hope you will think of me from time to time as i shall be thinking of you always.我希望你们不时会想到我,就像我经常会想着你们一样。

8.i certainly wish mr. smith the best of luck in everything he undertakes, either academically or socially, at hope college and in america.我祝福史密斯先生在霍浦学院和美国,不论是在学术上或是在社会上,一切顺利,万事如意。

9.thank you for taking time off from your busy jobs to come here tonight to say goodbye to miss smith.感谢你们今晚从百忙之中抽空到这儿向史密斯小姐道别。

10.all the members of your department are before you today to wish you farewell and good luck in your future.你部门的所有同仁都来到你面前,祝你一路平安,未来福星高照。

11.soinstead of concluding my speech with the customary “good-bye,” allow me to say “good luck and much happiness!”不要照一般习惯说“再见”作为结尾,我要说的是“祝运,万事如意!”

12.i’m full of excitement.我很兴奋。

13.i owe a great deal to all of you.我欠你们大家太多了。

14.thank you for coming here tonight to see me off.谢谢你们今晚来为我送行。

15.i will miss all of you while i’m away.我没和你们在一起时,我会惦记着你们每个人。

16.i thank all of you for what you have done for me.我很感谢大家的一番厚意。

17.i did not expect at all that you would hold a party like this for me.我一点也没想到你们为我举办一个这样的聚会。

18.in the first place, i wish to say a word of thanks for holding this send-off party for me.为我办这个欢送会,首先我要说声谢谢。

19.i certainly am thankful to the company for giving me such a chance, and i earnestly hope that i will live up to everyone’s expectations.我非常感谢公司给我这样的一个机会,我诚挚期盼不负大家的期许。 20.i’d like to thank mr. smith not only for coming to this party, but also for making such a nice speech full of good advice and kind words encouragement.我要感谢史密斯先生莅临这个聚会,以及发表这么棒的演讲,充满了受益良多的忠告和鼓励的话。


1.merry christmas!耶诞快乐!

2.happy new year!新年快乐!

3.merry christmas to you all!祝你们都耶诞快乐!

4.happy thanksgiving!感恩节快乐!

5.thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate this happy and joyous occasion.感谢你们今晚来庆祝这愉快、欢欣的日子。

6.we all thank you for your kind invitation tonight.我们全都感谢你今晚意的邀请。

7.thank you for your kind invitation to join with you in this wonderful thanksgiving celebration.谢谢你们一番盛情邀请我和你们一起过这美的感恩节庆典。

8.it is a great honor for me to speak to you all here tonight at this new year party.今晚在这新年聚会上我很荣幸能对大家讲讲话。

9.let me, at first express a few words of gratitude to our host, mr. smith.首先让我对我们的主人史密斯先生说几句话,以表示感激之意。

10.it is my great pleasure to wish you all a very merry christmas!很荣幸能够在此祝福你们大家有个非常愉快的圣诞节!

11.i’d like to say a word of hearty thanks to my host and hostess, mr. and mrs. smith, for inviting me to this christmas party.男主人和女主人史密斯先生和夫人邀请我参加那诞聚会,我想说句话以表示我衷心的感谢。

12.we are meeting here tonight in the house of mr. smith, along with other american friends of his, to observe easter.今晚我们聚集在这儿,史密斯先生的家,还有他的美国朋友,一起来庆祝复活节。

13.i wish, first of all, to thank my host and hostess for inviting me to this christmas dinner.首先我要感谢主人和女主人邀请我参加这耶诞晚餐会。

14.let me beg(推荐访问:w.haord.com)in by saying, “ a happy new year! “ to all of you and especially to mr. smith, our guest of honor.对各位,尤其是我们的贵宾史密斯先生,我首先要说的是,“新年快乐!”

15.let us all now drink a toast to the future success of the company.现在我们大家一起来干杯,祝公司未来鸿图大展。


1.happy mother’s day!母亲节快乐!

2.i feel there is no way i can get out of making a speech.我想,讲几句话是逃脱不掉的。

3.of course, everybody knows what day it is today.当然,每个人都知道今天是什么日子。

4.i want to say a special word of thanks to my parents.我特别要向我爸妈说感谢的话。

5.thank you all again for coming here today. i am pleased and honored.今天很感谢你们又都来这儿,我感到很高兴,也很荣幸。

6.i’m pleased to stand before you today on this most beautiful of holidays, mother’s day.今天这个很美的节日,母亲节,我很高兴站在你们的面前。

7.it i had the time, i would have gone around to each one of you to give you my thanks.如果我有时间,我就一一去向各位致谢了。

8.you all have been so kind to come here tonight.你们真是太了,今晚都来了。

9.i have been given the special honor to make a few remarks to you on this special day for fathers everywhere.在这个特别的日子为各地为人父者说几句话,我真是特别荣幸。

10.allow me, first of all, to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming to this party in such numbers.这么多人光临这个聚会,首先我要衷心地感谢大家。

11.i wish to conclude by thanking you one more for your good wishes.最后我要再一次感谢你们的祝福。

12.i wish to congratulate the sponsors who have organized this wonderful gathering.我要恭喜发起人,他们计画这次完美的聚会。

13.i am sure that everyone here joins with me in wishing the mothers who are present here, and through them, all the mothers throughout the world, continued health and much happiness.我深信这里的每一个人都会和我一起祝福在场的母亲们,经由她们,全世界的母亲永远健康、幸福。



2.thank you for your invitation.谢谢你们的邀请。

3.we are here to witness the union of two lives in marriage.我们在此为两位联姻作见证。

4.i now give the toast to the bride and groom, mary and bob.现在我向新娘玛莉、新郎鲍伯举杯致敬。

5.today is indeed a joyous occasion for all of us present here.对我们列席的每个人而言,今天真是个令人欢欣的日子。

6.it is my pleasure to call mary my closest and dearest friend.我很高兴的说,玛莉是我最亲密的朋友。

7.i’m sure everyone here joins me in wishing you two, bob and mary, the very best that life has to offer you in your marriage.我确信今天在座的每个人都会和我一同祝福鲍伯和玛莉们俩过最美满的婚姻生活。

8.i will conclude by congratulating the young couple on their marriage, and wishing them a long life of happiness together.最后我们恭喜这对年轻新人,祝他们白头偕老,幸福美满。

9.words can’t express what is in their hearts. bob and mary will never forget you for what you have done for them.言辞无法表达他们的感受,鲍伯和玛莉将不会忘记你们尽心尽力为他们所做的事。

10.we are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of my best friend, bob and his wonderful bride, mary.今天我们在一起庆祝我最的朋友鲍伯和他的美新娘玛莉的婚礼。

11.it is my great privilege, on this most auspicious occasion, to say a word of congratulation to the groom, mr. smith, and to wish much happiness to his lovely bride.在这个良辰吉时,我很荣幸向新郎史密斯先生说恭喜,并祝他的可爱的新娘幸福美满。

12.on behalf of the classmates of the bridegroom, it is my great privilege to offer hearty congratulations to mr. smith on the happiest occasion of his life, and to his lovely bride.我很荣幸代表新郎史密斯先生的同学,在他三生中最幸福的日子,向他以及他可爱的新娘表达衷心的祝贺。

13.i consider it a special privilege to wish the bride on behalf classmates the best of luck and much happiness on the occasion of her wedding.非常荣幸代表新娘的同学在新娘结婚的大喜之日来祝贺她多福、美满。

14.i wish to conclude my speech with a prayer for the continued happiness of the newly married couple.我最后要说的就是祝福这对新人永浴爱河。

15.allow me to conclude my brief speech by wishing the bride and bridegroom all happiness and the best of luck for the future.谨祝新郎新娘将来美满、多福,作为我短短讲这些话的结束。